2008 | series of plant fiber-based 2/3 dimensional works with: tansy flower/leave/stem fiber, willow tree bast fiber, cotton seed fiber, linen seed fiber, birch seed, clay, stones | Taidetehdas/Artfactory, Porvoo, Finland

supported by: Porvoo A-i-R ry/rf - Taidetehdas/Artfactory, Finnair | special thanks: Anne Räisänen, Maikku Huovila

In the western papermaking process, very short plant fibers are initially held together through the application of strong pressure. This process impressed me with a similarity to the geological force creating sedimentary rock. Petals of the Universe was conceived while working with Tansy flower fiber. As it dried, the material acquired its own unique undulating shape, as if recalling the flowering of its blossoms.

Porvoo, Finland, 2008