supported by (to date): Ruth and Harold Chenven Foundation, Antioch College, Glen Helen Ecology Institute | geology advisor: Peter Townsend

In Constellaria I work with fossil fragments collected in the OH-KY-IN tri-state region, concentrating on strata called the Cincinnati Arch. The series’ name refers to the Cincinnatian Ordovician, a 505-438 million-year-old fossil with a coral or treelike branching structure. As the name implies, the fossil's surface is covered with innumerable starlike marks, evoking connections between the celestial and terrestrial. I envision these fossils as the stars of the earth. With Constellaria, I explore the essential and the revelation and meditation on patterns in nature and time. I create works evocative of cosmic time and space, reminding us of our place in and connection to the web of life, geological history, and the cosmos.

Cicninnati, OH, 2014

ca. 440-million-year-old Silurian strata with volcanic ash layer, OH, U.S.A.